LBS in B2B: taking Events to the next level?

I touched on geolocation and LBS (location-based services) earlier this year just as it was breaking into the mainstream. Gowalla, Foursquare, BrightKite, Whrrl, Scvngr and now even Facebook's Places (see my less than stellar impression of this) are among the tech companies driving this wildly popular bandwagon. There have been clear and useful leverage of LBS for … Continue reading LBS in B2B: taking Events to the next level?

The Unexplored Art of Geotagging

Recent noise over location-based services (LBS) and geotagging (i.e., tagging and confirming your GPS-based location online) coupled with mixed reactions over the seemingly lackluster showing of tech prowess hoped for by some SXSW attendees have finally backed my brain into a corner to force a few scribbles on the subject. Well okay, the SXSW fascination … Continue reading The Unexplored Art of Geotagging