FileStuff: Canadian cloud you can count on, eh?

Some will insist saying "eh" is not universally Canadian. Perhaps. But no race is actually ever 100% linguistically uniform either. Dialects will always persist due to environmental factors per evolutionary science. So take that, naysayers. That was the "eh" bit of my headline. Now on to what I really wanna share. Your digital life on … Continue reading FileStuff: Canadian cloud you can count on, eh?

The Unexplored Art of Geotagging

Recent noise over location-based services (LBS) and geotagging (i.e., tagging and confirming your GPS-based location online) coupled with mixed reactions over the seemingly lackluster showing of tech prowess hoped for by some SXSW attendees have finally backed my brain into a corner to force a few scribbles on the subject. Well okay, the SXSW fascination … Continue reading The Unexplored Art of Geotagging