FileStuff: Canadian cloud you can count on, eh?

Some will insist saying "eh" is not universally Canadian. Perhaps. But no race is actually ever 100% linguistically uniform either. Dialects will always persist due to environmental factors per evolutionary science. So take that, naysayers. That was the "eh" bit of my headline. Now on to what I really wanna share. Your digital life on … Continue reading FileStuff: Canadian cloud you can count on, eh?

Social media: the profound, instinctive and unquantifiable

There were a few instances this week that reminded me of : (a) how profound social media can be—a particular depth of awareness and appreciation exists, which we easily take for granted as we are swept away by the immediacy of what fascinates and confounds us in the 'here and now', as well as (b) the prevailing yet invisible evidence that reasoning … Continue reading Social media: the profound, instinctive and unquantifiable

The Power of Online Communities

This post was inspired by a random DM from @RepuTrack As social media inculcates itself into the mainstream, it becomes obvious that the principles governing its successful use have indeed been around for years, echoing traditional models of engagement that have formed the basis of many a tried and true best practices for business, social … Continue reading The Power of Online Communities

Wikis for Enterprise

New entrants to the social media sphere are getting their feet wet, googly-eyed while sorting through the hype and determining what to leverage and how. For business communicators keen on emerging web-based technologies and their various applications to existing processes within the enterprise, a good starting point would be to look at how wikis (not … Continue reading Wikis for Enterprise