fast, hazy pivot

generative AI rages onwaging an invisible battleinside dense burning forests ofblind ambition steeped inthe rank of festering moneydigging and digging away fordig is digital and digital digsits nebulous way into hyperrealismmind-bending the gullible eyeslulling the senses to a promiseof clichéd settings where warsdon't exist and you're alwaysjust a gig app away to eye-bleeding, money-making TikTok … Continue reading fast, hazy pivot

ah kent kwit ewe : the existential quandary that is Twitter

the melodramatic events of iconic social media platform Twitter are both fascinating and harrowing for those who've carved out a comfortable corner within its warm feathery, #failwhale plagued nest from the early daze, Twitter's current, precarious course may strike such a chord that they either bail from the nest or stick around and make popcorn … Continue reading ah kent kwit ewe : the existential quandary that is Twitter

Pulse check on virtual and augmented reality

As you are aware, VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) have become household names, readily adopted by many from all walks of life as each respectively undergo rapid advancements that many recognize as being transformative. More and more, we see vast applications of these two technologies in diverse areas such as gaming/entertainment, retail, health … Continue reading Pulse check on virtual and augmented reality

Braving the blockchain bandwagon

You know you need to pay attention to a trend when you start seeing headlines of scammers cashing in on the action. The excerpt below—sourced from a Medium post—offers an easy-to-understand backgrounder on blockchain: « After the financial crisis of 2008, an unknown person by the moniker Satoshi Nakamoto designed Bitcoin and its original reference … Continue reading Braving the blockchain bandwagon