Top 10 Twitterers who stay away from all things Top 10

Over the holidays, there was so much tweeting of top 10 or so things that was, is, will be..  it's only fitting to pause and note some (as there surely are many others) whose timeline activities were scarce, deliberate, thoughtful and generally less noisy: 1  @mktgdouchebag 2  @Magnuson 3  @RepuTrack 4  @femelmed 5  @newteric (haha) … Continue reading Top 10 Twitterers who stay away from all things Top 10

Unconferences: The New Black

For its first foray into an unconference the bright, energetic gang of @TorontoTalks [i.e., @abroadabroadeh (Linda), @mechristopher (Chris), @jschultz (Jeremy), @bryanperson (Bryan)] managed to 'make it work'! (can you hear Tim Gunn's voice?..n'er mind). That was last Sunday. Morning brew On my way to the Sheraton this morning, colleague, senior communications consultant and longstanding IABC member, Diane McElroy and I quickly … Continue reading Unconferences: The New Black

Balancing the Virtual and the Real

Call it online research, perpetual networking, job search, distracted soliloquies or just plain entertainment, the social party is too good to miss out. But sometimes we need intervention. If we have work-life balance, then there should also be virtual-real balance. And by 'real' I mean our day-to-day tangible lives. Yep. Remember that one? So before … Continue reading Balancing the Virtual and the Real