Top 10 Twitterers who stay away from all things Top 10

Over the holidays, there was so much tweeting of top 10 or so things that was, is, will be..  it’s only fitting to pause and note some (as there surely are many others) whose timeline activities were scarce, deliberate, thoughtful and generally less noisy:

1  @mktgdouchebag

2  @Magnuson

3  @RepuTrack

4  @femelmed

5  @newteric (haha)

6  @MyriamBalian

7  @jared_parmenter

8  @markdoty

9  @fredericl

10  @___________

See the names that come top-of-mind for me? Do you have follows like that? Keep them. They’re real.

Lists are grand aren’t  they? Yeah, sure.

But as a barrage of tweets, lists can be tiring to look at. Oh and if you tweet a post about how 2011 will definitely be the time to stop collecting fans and start engaging!..well, er..good luck with that. And it’d  be silly to explain why.

Would you add your twitter handle as #10? Lemme know in the comments 😉

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Twitterers who stay away from all things Top 10

  1. Autom,

    I drafted something yesterday, which included, of all things, the words “Dr Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde in the title – no words could be more fitting for the way I was going to rip into all things gone wrong about SM’s split personality.

    But the new year resolute in me just couldn’t go through with posting it. You see, I’m trying to make 2011 as positive a year as possible when it comes to contributing thoughts, opinions and ideas.

    I’m thankful that you took the lead with your post, truly humbled to have been included with such great company, privileged to be regarded as someone worth engaging, and appreciative to have you as a friend.

    Joseph | RepuMetrix Inc.

  2. I’m really honored to be included! I’m a little surprised
    because I haven’t been here that much but I will hopefully tweet
    more this year and reopen my own blog. Thank you Autom for listing

  3. Joseph – offering a positive spin when sharing thoughts/opinions requires a dash of creativity and a good dose of realism, i think. not all things that spark our attention will be positive i think it’s desirable (if not practical) to have a balance of both positive and negative best, the use of sarcasm or satire (except in California ?) would be helpful IMO

    Myriam – am excited to see what you plan to share online through your blog 😉 pls keep me posted

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