What’s next for social media? — “synthesis”

Just over two years into it, I'm relieved to share a personal insight that many may talk about indirectly or create spin around it to get attention but few really say outright: the social media revolution is well into its 'synthesis' stage. But before I bullet-point the meaty parts of this post, a stroll down … Continue reading What’s next for social media? — “synthesis”

Unconferences: The New Black

For its first foray into an unconference the bright, energetic gang of @TorontoTalks [i.e., @abroadabroadeh (Linda), @mechristopher (Chris), @jschultz (Jeremy), @bryanperson (Bryan)] managed to 'make it work'! (can you hear Tim Gunn's voice?..n'er mind). That was last Sunday. Morning brew On my way to the Sheraton this morning, colleague, senior communications consultant and longstanding IABC member, Diane McElroy and I quickly … Continue reading Unconferences: The New Black