Examining the value of paper.li dailies

After catching this tweet from Chris Brogan: "Who is actually READING all these dailies that you all put out? How are they impacting your efforts?" I was compelled to explore and blog about it. It's a valid question if not rhetorical. What is paper.li? Simply, per their site, "paper.li organizes links shared on Twitter into … Continue reading Examining the value of paper.li dailies

How Facebook “made me see the light”..well ok, not really

If you've been following my blog, you know that I tend to mock Facebook relentlessly. This mockery is largely tounge-in-cheek and tends to piggyback off commentary from tech bloggers and other non-marketing bloggers who closely examine the technological development, ethical implications and overall behavioural trends (usually identified by designers and UX experts) during the course … Continue reading How Facebook “made me see the light”..well ok, not really

Dynamics of a Personal Brand

Blogging + Twitter = Personal Brand That about sums it up doesn't it? Well, almost. It's a starting point, and I doubt one equation adequately encapsulates the full dynamics of a personal brand. Now, you ask, "Why would I care about a personal brand?" The age of online networks The Internet is growing exponentially. Proliferation … Continue reading Dynamics of a Personal Brand