TweetBrain – Crowdsourcing for the Twitterati

Finally! A Twitter-based tool that not only offers powerful social collaboration but also the option to reward its participants!

The brainchild of DeXin Shi (@dexin), TweetBrain is a user friendly, real-time crowdsourcing tool powered and driven by the Twitter user community.

autom8 iconTwitter account
All you need is an existing Twitter ID and password. Simply log in using your Twitter account name and password and your TweetBrain account is automatically created, along with your avatar.

What is your question?
Geared for the crowdsourcing bunch, TweetBrain kicks up the microblogging platform a notch with its signature pitch: “What is your question?”

The question entry field is limited to 400 characters and makes for a more fulsome social experience, especially for those wishing to pose specific questions and require more than 140 characters to do it.

No-brainer Design for Eggheads
Taking pointers from Twitter’s easy-to-use design, TweetBrain reflects a similar GUI (graphic user interface) and reinforces that keeping it clean and simple is the only way to make this online experience work.

Virtually any type of question may be posted on TweetBrain. Each question may be classified from over 25 types of question categories ranging from automotive to writing/editing.

autom8 iconThe landing page posts a running list of the ‘Latest Questions’. The sidey (side bar navigation) is divided into two main buckets: the user’s profile box at the top and the Questions Tracker box below, with links to the ‘Open Questions’, ‘Favorites’ and the very useful ‘Hotlists’ mini nav that tracks Topics, Questions and Rewards on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

When posing a question, the user has the option of placing a dollar value as reward to the best answer posted, along with a deadline for answer submission, as well as a dropdown selection of the category under which the question should be classified.

There are a ton more useful info on the Top Nav where you can adjust your Settings, access a very informative FAQ page, etc. This tool is a MUST TRY!

Crowdsourcing has never looked so easy and felt so accessible. If you are a crowsdsourcing fan and have been itching to experience social media’s next enfant terrible, check out TweetBrain.

About DeXin Shi
Besides TweetBrain, DeXin Shi is also involved in a stealth mode cloud computing software startup.

autom8 iconShe has co-founded and co-owned a successful web hosting company since 1995. Prior to that, DeXin spent 4 years in Belgium. While there, she studied Development Policies, a one-year program sponsored by the United Nations. Her interests in Macro Economics led her to earn a MPA degree from the University of Antwerp. Before going to Belgium, DeXin completed her undergraduate studies in Economics in Beijing, China.  She has a deep interest in the interplays of world politics, economics, and technologies.

DeXin has lived in China, Belgium, Southern California and the Silicon Valley. Her extensive travelling experience in Asia, Europe, North Africa, and US has shaped her business vision and global outlook. DeXin is fluent in Chinese, English and Dutch.

4 thoughts on “TweetBrain – Crowdsourcing for the Twitterati

  1. I tried TweetBrain, and immediately recalled the fun that I had in my college days using IRC (Internet Relay Chat). TweetBrain is like IRC++ 🙂

    So, in the rest of the day, until the wee hours, I kept answering questions, as a test to myself, just to see how I could meet such “challenges” 🙂

    Well, I finally got tired and went to bed. But even with today’s heavier than usual work load, I still popped in from time to time. This thing is addictive, so be warned!

  2. Thanks for your feedback Peter! It is very much like IRC. In fact other social media tools like Facebook and Twitter are based on the same newsgroup type of environment.

    And yes, it is addictive. But what isn’t in the virtual realm? 🙂

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