Ode to Twitter

for months at social sea,
unyielding to cacophony
of twitter dees and twitter dumbs
a chanted mantra bit by byte by sprite,
like strands of loaded wind a wiz awizzing
by vibrating ears, vibrating tears
of agony and ecstasy, yes even
that recycled shamelessly
to blog a post and post a blog
and blog myself into a job.

we are all at sea.

and once in a while,
there’s this whale.

5 thoughts on “Ode to Twitter

  1. Very inspired-taking breath in-inspiration; validation shared. Serendipity- a dip in the eternal sea. Bobbing and bopping along. Sometimes we catch the current, but usually the current catches us. So delighted to be swept up, then dragged down to the depths. To share twits and pieces of our fantastic journeys with fellow travelers.

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  3. I enjoy the ride in the social sea! There are many colorful fish from different kinds and sizes :). All beautifully add to the experience!

    Nice social media poem 😛

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