Shiny, happy people equals ‘plus’

Been a while since I posted here. And no, I’m not gonna do my own cut of Google Plus. I’ll leave that one for the real gurus. Haha.

Part of appreciating the evolution of social media (i.e., the degree of our global connectedness via the web) involves knowing what to share when and with whom.

Autom's G+
It’s a plus! No gotta check it out.

It’s been a great run to date: blogging my brains out since March ’09, switching from one blog hosting space to another (the IABC hosting site still managing to make it to Google’s top SERPs) and now the growing love-fest known as Google+.

Yay! Kill the firehose. Save the world.

I have every confidence Google will evolve into Skynet—I mean, really influence the shape of things to come in social media (i.e., the thrilling and somewhat frightening evolutionary phenomenon we call the web).

At the moment, if you must know (you may not, but I’ll tell you anyway..’cause I’ve learned how to share what content with whom and when, right? er ya..), here is a high level view of what I consider to be top social networks and what I use them for:

  • LinkedIn = pros not joes networking
  • FaceShmook = Gowalla geotags only (and the odd messages)
  • Twitter = favourite firehose (which I doubt I’ll ever have the guts to completely shut off)
  • Google + = everything else

Yep. Good one Google. You’re still shiny. And yeah, I likey. For now.

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