Engaging beyond the hype: lessons, tips on social marketing

This post also appears on @dshiao’s blog allvirtual.me

The recent and successful Canadian Association of Exposition Management’s 2012 annual conference (#caem2012) offered me a chance to share the preso below on the topic of social media and marketing. I am honoured to have had the opportunity to speak and am profoundly thankful to both SME Canada and the CAEM for granting me the privilege.

Those who occasionally thumb through my blog will know that the majority of the content in the preso is not terribly new. Nonetheless, the slides serve to remind seasoned SM users while offering pointers and “AHA” moments to those just beginning to sink their teeth into social.

All that I have read, tried, tested, learned, blogged about and assimilated through observation, conversation and practice since 2008 makes up this presentation. Inspiration comes easily with specific points of reference during one’s ongoing journey in social media. This is why I never tire of praising my Twitter follows (yes, y’all rock) for their continued feedback, support and constructive exchanges.

The menu

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Appetizer: Personal branding and some wild Stats

Main course:

  • Tips on social strategy
  • Blogging: key lessons
  • Mobile is here and you’re already behind


  • Influence vs reputation

Thank you Dennis Shiao (Director, Product Marketing, INXPO) and Joseph Fiore (Owner, RepuMetrix): gentlemen and scholars alike. Thank you for your invaluable review and input.


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