‘Eyes of Helios’ — through the social media lens

Those who follow me on Twitter and social media know that my blogging voice (and certainly my tweets) tend to be quite diverse. This means that I often create and share content that speak not only to marketing and technology but also other equally stimulating pursuits like education, philosophy, health and the arts (in particular, dance)!

EyesofHelios2Next month (May 6 and 7) Toronto will be graced with a truly modern theatrical experience at the Winchester Street Theatre with Debbie Wilson‘s latest piece “Eyes of Helios“, which will be infused with a fulsome social media experience.

As a Twitter chat moderator with #smchat, I recently participated in a lively discussion on how Diablo Ballet leveraged social media to make dance and its often highly visceral and abstract vocabulary be more accessible to the broader public.

Well now, it’s YOUR turn Toronto!

As production and rehearsals pick up pace, choreographer and dancers alike are openly sharing nuggets of the piece through various social channels including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Arts and dance enthusiasts are encouraged to join along and randomly share content through their respective social channels using the hashtag #helios.

To preface the live tweeting experience, I propose to hold an hour long tweet chat [details on how to participate below] to encourage participants to share their thoughts on two fronts:

  • how social media blends, colours, influences the overall theatrical experience as a participating audience, and
  • how the theme of the piece itself is surfaced/enahnced as social media is layered onto the theatrical experience

Typically, this blog post would frame the tweet chat with a few questions to incite dialogue and offer structure and cohesion to the conversation:

Q1 Have you ever been in a live stage performance where social media use and sharing was encouraged. What was it like?

Q2 In the context of a dance performance, what specific parts of the show would you like to capture and share?

Q3 ‘Eyes of Helios’ is a contemporary piece that explore themes surrounding ‘focus’. What are some of your own thoughts, impressions, imaginings around this theme?

Q4 We plan to hold another tweet chat after the performances to discuss the audience experience with using using social media. What are some topics you’d like to see discussed?

How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

1 – You must have an active Twitter account
2 – Go to: http://tweetchat.com
3 – Log in using your Twitter ID/password
4 – Type in #helios to open up the ‘Twitter Chat stream’. You’re all set. All you need to do is follow along the conversation. You won’t have to type #helios as TweetChat.com will automatically include this as part of your tweet.

Date/Time: May 9, 2013 | 6-7pm  EST

Disclosure: I have a longstanding association with Debbie Wilson who is a friend and colleague. I have made reference to her and dance in a past blog post (see link above or go to “So you think  you can social media“). I love dance. I know how to dance. I “get” dance. And I am the social media consultant for “Eyes of Helios”.

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