Will wearable technology wow or wear us out?

Earlier this month a post on Quartz discussed how “almost every major consumer electronics manufacturer is now working on a smart watch”.

image source: http://www.dezeen.com

Naturally, this triggered a series of thoughts and questions for me about the fast-n-furious trend of wearable technology embedding itself into the mainstream, creeping quietly and unassumingly into our lives.

How will these types of technological advancements affect us; will our insatiable appetite for instantaneous and concurrent experiences benefit or hinder us over the long term; will it drastically change the way we live, work and engage with each other ..

Let’s find out and explore this fascinating trend, see where our #OffCycleWednesday session will take us with these:

Q1 – Will the smart watch product succeed? What are its challenges and benefits? Are you even a ‘watch’ person?

Q2 – Which types of wearable tech do you think is most relevant and useful?

Q3 – Will wearable tech change the way we do business? How? Which ones would easily become a tool for businesss the way smartphones “charmed their way” into
every aspect of our day-to-day?

Q4 – Should we be cautious or concerned about the speed and stealth in which technology is developing and becoming part of our lives or should we just buckle up and enjoy the ride?

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