The Elusive Mobile Strategy

We often talk about best practices to consider when approaching mobile from various perspectives including messaging, user experience, customer service, etc. And often, we mention how critical it is to define goals, identify audience and have a method of measuring efforts in place.

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But what about the actual mobile strategy itself? What might this picture look

A recent post on navigating complex multi-screen environments prompted some compelling questions on how marketers manage and retain campaign cohesion across diverse content consumption formats: from desktop to smartphone/tablet.

“Of course we have a mobile strategy! Just ask our summer intern; she’s
completely on top of it!”

Not exactly what you want to hear, right?

But even though your marketing team is well versed in crafting and implementing a mobile strategy how do you know you’re doing it right? Are your metrics accurately customized to objectively measure tactical performance and depicting the full campaign life cycle from messaging to successful conversion or lead generation?

Well, we (Joe @SMSJOE and I) are confident that you will come join us with fresh insights and provoking considerations on some of these questions:

Q1 After defining goals, audience, tactics etc. what do you consider to be the first most critical step to implementing your mobile strategy and why?

Q2 Cite 3 specific marketing tactics that have proven to work effectively in a mobile strategy.

Q3 Who should be the key players to help implement your mobile strategy and what role do social media communities play in supplementing this strategy?

Q4 We’ve asked this question before and want to get another pulse check on it: how extensive is your use of mobile advertising in your strategy and what has worked/not worked for you?

In absentia
Since I will be off the grid communing with nature, my trusted colleague Joe will be moderating this session.

We look forward to seeing you tweet with us next week!

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