The Elusive Mobile Strategy

We often talk about best practices to consider when approaching mobile from various perspectives including messaging, user experience, customer service, etc. And often, we mention how critical it is to define goals, identify audience and have a method of measuring efforts in place. But what about the actual mobile strategy itself? What might this picture … Continue reading The Elusive Mobile Strategy

Will wearable technology wow or wear us out?

Earlier this month a post on Quartz discussed how "almost every major consumer electronics manufacturer is now working on a smart watch". Naturally, this triggered a series of thoughts and questions for me about the fast-n-furious trend of wearable technology embedding itself into the mainstream, creeping quietly and unassumingly into our lives. How will these … Continue reading Will wearable technology wow or wear us out?

What’s not obvious about being obviously mobile

Now that we are all immersed in mobile—oh wait..are we?A recent Neilsen's report highlights how global mobile phone ownership 'has reached critical mass'. While appearing to state the obvious where the logical growth of the mobile experience is concerned, the report highlights equally intriguing results including profiles on smartphone ownership, types of mobile-based activities (texting, … Continue reading What’s not obvious about being obviously mobile