ah kent kwit ewe : the existential quandary that is Twitter

the melodramatic events of iconic social media platform Twitter are both fascinating and harrowing

for those who’ve carved out a comfortable corner within its warm feathery, #failwhale plagued nest from the early daze, Twitter’s current, precarious course may strike such a chord that they either bail from the nest or stick around and make popcorn

but imperfections and the darker psyche of humanity are a thing, which is why misunderstanding, grief and discord are like renewing subscriptions that dog our daily toil in this mortal coil (omg Cocteau Twins #urock)

so it would really suck if you’re all caught in the midst of all this, eaten up and all knotted in a quandary. if you don’t get what the philosophy of existentialism is about, now would be a good time to look it up

but for better or worse, Twitter, you’ve been the closest thing i can cherish out of many a sticky love-hate relationships i’ve had with social media

so end of day, ‘ah kent kwit ewe’ twiddah

but k — the minute it all starts to really go sideways and heil Musker : im outta there #jessayin

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